About us

It all started over snacks and video game discussions, in 2010. A group of geeks wanting to develop games.
This group formed a team, called "catavento", a word meaning "pinwheel" in their country's language.

It was the best and worst decision they ever made.

Daniel Preto
Spicy artist
Undegraduate in Design, he's a freelance illustrator and has worked as a 3D modeler and artist in a cardgame. He served as inspiration for the creators of Conker's Bad Fur Day.
E-mail: vlack.dan@gmail.com
Steam: Councilor
Carbonmade: http://vlack.carbonmade.com/

Fábio Picchi
Stealth programmer and game designer
Graduated in Computer Engineering, he works at Sioux as a flash developer. He plays Super Smash Bros as Fox, no items, Final Destination (actually he plays as Snake, but everyting else is true).
E-mail: fabio.exe@gmail.com
Steam: Solid
PSN ID: varejao
Blog: http://catavento.art.br/wp/?page=picchi (only portuguese)

Helô Yoshioka
Control freak game designer
Graduated in Design, she has worked as a webdesigner, 3D modeler, illustrator, flash developer. Now she's a game designer at Sioux. She doesn't know how it's like to have an automatized unit in Civilization.
E-mail: helo@catavento.art.br
Steam: Blue
PSN ID: heloheu
Blog: http://catavento.art.br/wp/?page=helo (only portuguese)

Lucy Abe
Freudian game designer
Graduated in Design, she has worked as a webdesigner, graphic designer, interface designer and game designer. She's crazy about ergonomics, interface and fishes. If you want to call her at Team Fortress 2, just press E.
E-mail: lucy@catavento.art.br
Steam: Bullet Chell
Blog: http://catavento.art.br/wp/?page=lucy (only portuguese)

Lumi Mae
Nyan artist
Professional illustrator since she was 4, she's graduated in Design and now develops digital interfaces, illustrations and 2D animations for Best Cool Fun Games. She can roll EVERYTHING you can imagine with her Katamari.
E-mail: lumi@catavento.art.br
Steam: Lome
Blog: http://catavento.art.br/wp/?page=lumi (only portuguese)

Pati De Carli
Hylian musician
Graduated in Music-Composition, she works as a piano accompanist at Guri Santa Marcelina and develops solo and chamber music. As a composer, she makes arrangements, orchestrations and transcriptions, besides working with sheet music with Sibelius. Now she's studying composition at EMESP (Music School of the São Paulo state). She also plays the Song of Time to extend our 48 hours in jams.
E-mail: decarli.pati@gmail.com
Steam: patispk

Pedro Câmara
Dish washer game designer
Undergraduate in Design, he has worked as 3D modeler, graphic designer and illustrator for table games. He'll soon make his own OS using Processing.
E-mail: pedro@catavento.art.br
Steam: Mimpedro
Blog: http://catavento.art.br/wp/?page=pedro (only portuguese)

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